Thursday 31 October 2013

Baumann Trial Delayed

Posted at 6:10 AM

Baumann Trial Delayed

The trial of a Merrill woman accused of the drunk driving deaths of two others has been delayed.

25 year old Ashley Baumann was set to go to trial on December 16th, but after a motions hearing Wednesday it was pushed back – though a new date was not set.

Defense attorneys argued they need more time to go through a lengthy witness list the prosecution plans to call. Prosecutors said that key witnesses would not be available the week of the 16th. The motions hearing covered several topics, including the witness list, who should be sequestered during the trial, what family members would be allowed in the courtroom during the trial and how potential jurrors would be surveyed by mail prior to jury selections.

Baumann faces nine criminal charges related to a traffic crash that killed 33 year old Jessica Hartwig and 31 year old Mist Glish of Merrill. The most serious charge is homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle. 29 year old Jerrica Woller and Baumann survived the June 2012 crash.


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