Monday 14 October 2013

Lincoln County Board to Consider Another Grandstand Design

Posted at 5:19 AM

The Lincoln County Board of Supervisors may have another option to consider when making a final decision of the Lincoln County Fairgrounds Grandstand replacement.

During the October Lincoln County Public Property meeting, Mudrovich Architects presented the committee with a very informative session concerning the berm construction of the grandstand at Marathon Park and why it was built more than a decade ago.

Advantages of a berm construction include:
1) no need to insulate if enclosed
2) no pouring or forming concrete
3) good basis for a multi-phase project.

The $1.2 million project at Marathon Park 10-years ago included the cost of demolition of old grandstand. The bathrooms and stage were an additional cost. A request has been made to have Mudrovich Architects make the full presentation to the County Board meeting October 15th for a similar structure at the Lincoln County fairgrounds.


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