Wednesday 9 October 2013

Future of Old Merrill Fire Station Discussed

Posted at 4:21 AM

Is the City of Merrill going to demolish another old building in Merrill? That’s one of the options being considered for the old east side fire station on 1st Street. Construction on the new Merrill Fire building seems to progressing on schedule and it won’t be long before the Merrill Firefighters will have a new state of the art facility.

What will happen to the old fire station on First Street? That was a topic of discussion at the September 23 Merrill transit authority meeting. Several options were discussed including relocating the Merrill Go round operations to the almost 100 year old East side Fire station.

Option #1 discussed at the meeting was; demolish the old portion of the old fire stations and design a new Transit Center with bus canopy and public access. Becker-Hoppe has provided a conceptual design for option #1 at just over a million dollars.

Option #2 discussed at the Transit meeting called for the renovation of the first street Fire station. No cost estimate was given for option #2.

Option #3 was; to stay in the current transit building and renovate the existing bus storage. It was noted, the Merrill transit authority would have to apply for and 80/20, with 20% being the Cities portion, Capitol Improvement Grant through the Federal Transit Administration.

A motion to table a public hearing on the renovation and relocation of the Transit Authority was approved. Further discussion will have to wait for a future Transit Meeting.


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