Monday 2 September 2013

Child Found

Posted at 5:21 AM


Rescue workers responded to the Harrison Hills Sunday morning after a 911 call reported a child was missing in the woods.

A caller phoned 911 at 11:14 AM to report a father and mother and their nine year old child all from Belvidere Illinois were walking on Overlook Drive when their two dogs took off and the boy took off after them. The parents lost sight of the boy and his dogs and searched the area for about an hour before calling for help.

As a Deputy and Tomahawk Firefighters organized a command post on Overlook Drive the Rec. Deputy spoke with ATV riders who reported seeing the boy and his dogs near a trail head off of County Rd B near Parrish Rd. The Rec. Deputy and Tomahawk Firefighters went to the area and found the boy who was with his father and the two dogs. The father stated he was able to follow the boy’s footprints and had caught up to them just minutes before. The lad told the Rec. Deputy he knew enough to follow the trail as it would eventually lead him to the road. The Rec. Deputy reported all of them were tired but not hurt.


Warden’s from the DNR and a K9 unit from Rhinelander were also responding to the area when the child was found 1.6 miles from where he was last seen. 


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