Thursday 29 August 2013

Teens Arrested After Chase

Posted at 5:24 AM


Green Bay Police have two youth are in custody after a they shot at Police in Abbotsford Wednesday evening.

The incident started at about 5pm when officers received a call of a stolen vehicle from Athens, the vehicle was stopped about an hour later in Abbotsford, then the suspects took off. About a mile after the initial stop, the passenger fired several shots at authorities; one round impacted the windshield of a Colby-Abbotsford squad car. The initial vehicle was abandoned and the suspects then took a green Chevy pickup, they were eventually caught in Green Bay around midnight, the 13 and 15 year old were packing stolen weapons and ammunition from the Medford area.

The statewide A.P.B. has been lifted, more details of the chase and arrest are expected later today. 


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