Saturday 22 June 2013

Structure Fire Town of Merrill

Posted at 5:14 AM


Friday morning, Lincoln County Dispatched; Merrill Fire Department for a report of heavy black smoke in the trees off Black Alder Rd and looks like a hunting cabin on fire. Initial response from Merrill Fire was, Engine 2, Medic2, and Tender 5, Command from Engine 2 requested WPS to the scene to disconnect power.  Command further requested Mutual Aid in the form of a Tender from Pine River F.D., Corning FD to man there station for back up and Tomahawk EMS to standby in Merrill.

While en route, Command reported heavy black smoke on the horizon in the area of Black Alder Rd. When on scene, Command was established by Engine 2 which reported smoke and fire showing from a one story hunting shack about 20 feet by 40 feet in size. The shack walls had already fallen in and the shack was fully involved in fire. Command had two crews deploying two hand lines to the fire.  A defensive attack was used, no exposures where noted and a pond on the property was used for water supply.

Interviews were conducted with thecabin owner and his sons about what activities were taking place in the area of cabin fire. The cabin owner reported to Command that there was no power run to the cabin. There was lightning in the area prior to the call and a request from the Wildland Fire Management Information Center on lightning strikes in the areais being conducted. Fire crews were on scene doing salvage and overhaul for about three hours.

The homeowner contacted his insurance agent and fire will be under further investigation.



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