Wednesday 5 June 2013

Gas Prices "Too High"

Posted at 5:19 AM

Merrill Fuel Prices Are Over $4
The price of driving your vehicle has reached alarming levels.

In Merrill, regular unleaded fuel is over 4 dollars a gallon this morning. And those high fuel prices are affecting the local economy, in a recent survey by the AAA; drivers are changing their spending habit’s to offset the recent spike in fuel prices including;

Driving less – 86 percent
Reducing shopping or dining out – 71 percent
Driving a more fuel efficient car – 54 percent
Delaying major purchases – 53 percent
Working closer to home – 39 percent
Carpooling – 33 percent
Using public transportation more regularly – 15 percent
Other – 18 percent

In the most telling statistic; 90% of people said when gasoline get’s to 4 dollars a gallon the price is “Too High”.


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