Friday 24 May 2013

Memorial Day in Merrill

Posted at 3:09 PM

Merrill's Cenotaph Park
May 27th 2013. Street blocked off between Grand Ave & Prospect Street.
NOON: Music will be played and there will be live entertainment all day in front of Miller’s Furniture Store. Sandwiches, drinks and treats will be served on the street. Specials for Veterans wearing uniforms, service cap or showing proof of service in the armed forces. Ballyhoos will give a free beverage to all Veterans. Jonny T’s is offering free food to Veterans. Veterans of Foreign Wars will be doing poppy & flag sales. Local stores will be open. This will be a block party atmosphere.
3:45 PM All VFW, DAV, AM Vets, American Legion, VVMC, Rolling Thunder, Auxiliaries, Boy Scouts and any other patriotic units not mentioned will be in position on center line of Prospect Street facing east. All units ask to bring post colors or American Flags. Firing Squad (Merrill VFW Post) will be on far south end of line in front of Cenotaph Memorial facing north. Bring Lawn Chairs if needed.
3:59 PM all units will be in line and at parade rest.
4:00 PM MC: (Steve Sabatke) Welcome speech
Opening Prayer: (Scott Gustafson, VFW Member & Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church)
National Anthem: (Victoria Nason).
Main Speaker: (Scott Gustafson) What is Memorial Day?
MC: (Steve Sabatke).Cenotaph Memorial Plaque Dedication.
MC: (Steve Sabatke) Comments on the Memorial Plaque.
4:10 Flag is slowly lowered to half-staff.
4:10 PM CALL OUT NAMES ON PLAQUE: (Bill Burcalow)
When names start being called out, horse drawn caisson led by Scott Story in WWI uniform starts and travels up Grand Ave turning down Prospect Street. Police must block traffic at Grand Ave and Prospect Street for a few minutes. 4:05 PM to 4:15 PM should cover it.
Honor guard units come to attention when caisson enters Prospect Street. Honor guard units present arms as caisson passes. Take commands from Ralph Wangen.
4:15 PM Reading of names is completed as caisson arrives in front of memorial.
Honor guard units go to order arms (remain at attention).
Two descends of Veterans on plaque take wreath off caisson and place in front of plaque. Judy (Pophal) Doering and Edward Pophal. Decedents of veteran on plaque.
Release of 30 doves.
Honor guard units go to parade rest.
4:22 PM MC: We will now bow our heads in prayer.
4:23 PM Closing Prayer by Scott Gustafson Pastor Trinity Lutheran Church.
4:25 PM Honor guard goes to attention and present arms
Firing squad (Merrill VFW)  goes to attention and fires guns, drum roll between volleys. (Caleb Danner Drummer & Justin Bugler).
Taps played. Long pause.
All units go to order arms, parade rest.
4:30 PM MC: that concludes today’s ceremony.
All units go to attention and fall out.
4:30-6:00 Refreshments & food served. Public inspection of memorial. Live entertainment continues. 
6:00 PM Barricades down and streets return to normal. Specials end.  Live band inside Ballyhoos till?


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