Monday 6 May 2013

Fairgrounds Meeting Tonight

Posted at 5:09 AM

There is a town Hall style meeting being held tonight and the topic is the future of the Lincoln County Fairgrounds.

Last month, the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors said no to a community group asking to build a multi season Expo center at the Lincoln County fairgrounds and instead voted to build a century old structure similar to the facility that was torn down because of storm damage. By voting to build a similar Grandstand there was expected to be no tax levy on County Citizens. While some in the County said this is because of a divide between County Supervisors in the north districts and the Supervisors near the Lincoln County Fairgrounds located in Merrill.

The proposed 3,000-seat expo center carries and estimated price tag of around 7 million dollars. Although a community leading business, Agra Industries, has thrown support behind the Expo Center and even provided some building plans and has offered to donate money or materials for the structure which would greatly reduce the cost of the structure. Most business leader in the community agree, a muli-purpose facility would provide a much needed boost to the Lincoln County economy.

Tonight’s meeting is  a town Hall format; this is typically open to everybody in a town community , attendees generally may voice their opinions and ask questions of the public figures. The Fairground usage committee includes William Zeitz, Dave Fox, James Alber, and Graham Rankin. Tonight’s Town Hall Meeting of the Fairgrounds Marketing & Usage Meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. in the County Board Room of the Lincoln County Service Center, on North Sales Street in Merrill.


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