Thursday 18 April 2013

Commettee Meeting Canceled

Posted at 5:25 AM

Lincoln County Public Property Committee had to cancel their monthly meeting last night due to lack of Quorum. It’s not clear as to why some committee members didn’t show for the meeting, Members of the Lincoln County Public Property Committee are; James Alber, Dave Fox, Graham Rankin and William Zeitz.  Last night’s meeting was scheduled for 7pm and the cancellation was emailed to the press at 8:40pm after some committee members failed to show. No roll call was included in last night cancelation notice.

This latest cancelation comes after 5 County Supervisors were absent during the monthly County Board Meeting on Tuesday. During the Tuesday meeting, a critical vote was taken on a resolution to replace the Grandstands at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds. Many critics of the County Board say the 5 absent Supervisors on Tuesday greatly influenced the outcome of that vote and any possible chance to build an Expo Center at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds.  


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