Sunday 7 April 2013

MFD Controlled Burn

Posted at 9:30 AM



On Saturday April 13, 2013 the Merrill Fire Department will participate in a “Live House Burn” training through North Central Technical College. The house used for the valuable training is located at 905 S. State St. in the City of Merrill. The training burn is scheduled to begin at 08:00 on that Saturday morning and continue throughout the day. Beside Merrill’s involvement, fire personnel from around the area will be participating in this valuable training experience. Numerous emergency apparatus will be visible in the area and on site, as well as smoke from the burn. However, it will all be part of training and is not a real emergency event.

The public is requested to go about their daily business and keep their distance from the training area, as fire personnel warn that even though it is a realistic training it is still dangerous for personnel and bystanders.

Merrill fire personnel will be involved in the training in order to better their technique for the future yet on-duty personnel will be staffing all emergency needs within Merrill’s jurisdiction coverage areas.

Your cooperation is appreciated in us helping to make Merrill a safer community.


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