Friday 22 February 2013

MAPS BOE President Investigated

Posted at 11:16 AM

MAPS BOE President Investigated

The race for the Merrill School Board just got more interesting as Board President Lin Kautza is being questioned about an e-mail. The email was sent from Kauta's account and sent to the Superintendant's secretary with the instructions to send it out to all Merrill Area Public School staff. The e-mail reads in part, "I want to win April 2 and win with Jeff, John or Chuck. We feel we can get the district back on track."

This is a violation of rules of conduct by a candidate by conducting political business during school hours and using school resources for political gain.

Interim Superintendant Don Stevens said the administration is investigating the incident.

Kautza was one of six candidates to survive a February 19th Primary and is on the ballot for the April 2nd General Election.


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