Thursday 24 January 2013

House Fire

Posted at 7:10 AM

Merrill Firefighters, Pine River fire Department and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department all responded to the William Borchardt residence at N3469 Pier Street. Initial response from Merrill Fire was Tanker 5, Engine 2, Med 1, Engine 1, Car 1.  

Command from Engine 2 requested WPS to the scene to disconnect power.  Command further requested Mutual Aid in the form of Tanker/Tender and two men from Pine River F.D., also backup ambulance; Tomahawk EMS to standby in Irma. Upon arrival, Command was established by Engine 2 which reported smoke and fire showing from a mobile home. Command had two crews deploying two hand lines to the fire.  The exterior fire crews pulled a section of wall away where flames were visible.  Once fire was knocked down, a second crew was sent to complete an aggressive interior attack of the fire, which brought the fire under control.  Primary and secondary searches of the premises found no occupants in the building. Firefighters then performed salvage and overhaul operations to check for extension.

Interviews were conducted with homeowner and his son about what was activities in the area of fire. Homeowner’s son reported Command that the sewer pipe had frozen up in that area of origin.  The homeowner’s son stated that earlier in the day he placed a forced air kerosene heater in the area of origin, to blow hot air onto sewer pipe and thaw it out. Homeowner’s son also stated there was heat tape in the same area as the heater.  Homeowner and son left equipment unattended while they completed other chores on the farm.  When they returned from the chores, smoke was coming out from under the mobile home in the area of the heater.  Homeowner’s son attempted to extinguish the fire with two portable fire extinguishers.  

Lincoln County Sheriff Department was contacted at that time for the fire. The homeowner contacted his insurance agent and fire will be under further investigation.


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