Wednesday 23 January 2013

Lincoln House Flooded

Posted at 6:25 AM

WJMT studios under water
Cleanup has begun at the WJMT studios after a water pipe burst sening a massive stream of water cascading over the bottom two floors in the Lincoln House. The water break was first discovered at 4:35 Wednesday morning. Water was pouring out to the front door only to freeze on the bottom 3-steps of the inside front entrance. Parts of the lobby were almost ankle deep on the first floor.

The Merrill Water Department was dispatched and turned off the first water main at 5:20am. This slowed the water until the second valve was located and closed at 7am. As of 11am the stream had slowed to a slow drip in much of the building. The WJMT on air studio has received severe damage knocking out the phone system and crippling computers. As late as 11am, crews were still trying to isolate the cause of the leak and found a 3rd source of water on the 3rd floor of the building.

The cold temps this morning are believed to be the cause of the water problems in the historic Lincoln House building in Merrill. The Lincoln House is completely flooded on the lower two levels of the building. Water was pouring out the front door and ankle deep in some place of the first floor. The last time water pipes burst in the Lincoln House was in February of 2007, the city of Merrill owns the Lincoln house building where the WJMT studio’s are located.

You can see some of the damage on our facebook page, SEARCH WJMT


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