Monday 1 October 2012

Craig's List Scam

Posted at 5:34 AM


A Town of Merrill woman became the victim of a scam this past week via the web site Craig’s List. The victim had advertised an antique stove from the 1800’s valued at $350 and received a response from a male who stated he would send a check for $2300. The victim was instructed to deduct the amount of the stove and her shipping fees and sending any remaining funds to a furniture company in the state of Indiana.

The check; which was from a legitimate company in the state of Arkansas was deposited in her account and the bank assured her the funds were available and several days later she sent a money gram to a Walmart store in Indiana for $1800. A short time later the Merrill bank received notice from the bank in Arkansas that the check was a actually a fake check using stolen identifiers from the Arkansas company.

When a call was placed to the “shipper” in Indiana they advised they had received three other calls today from people wondering about item’s they were shipping after sales on Craig’s List but the reported contact never worked there and they were not involved in Craig’s List sales or deliveries. By the time the victim reached Walmart to try and stop the money order, it had already been picked up and cashed at a Walmart store in Indiana.

The investigation into this case continues.


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