Friday 28 September 2012

Snow Plow Laws

Posted at 3:38 PM

Plowing snow in front of the Lincoln House
in February of 2012.


We hate to think about it, but the snow will be falling soon. And the Merrill Police Department is reminding the community about the laws when it comes to snow plows on city streets.

Wisconsin State Statute 348.05(1) states, “No person without a permit therefor shall operate on a highway any vehicle having a total width in excess of 8 feet 6 inches, except as otherwise provided in this section.” 

This law includes snowplows in excess of 8’6” and snowplows with extensions that make their width in excess of 8’6”.  A vehicle with a hinged “V” plow in excess of 8’6”, for example, may be operated in its “V” configuration as long as it is no wider that 8’6” while being transported.  The exceptions to this law are governmental agencies and any snowplow in excess of 10’6” attached to a motor vehicle normally used for the transportation of milk.

Permits can be obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation by calling 1-608-266-7320 or by visiting the DOT website and obtaining forms online at

If you have any questions about the permit process, feel free to contact the DOT. 

If there are any questions about enforcement of 348.05(1) contact the Merrill Police Department at 715-536-8311.


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