Monday 27 August 2012

Underage Drinkers Caught in Lincoln County

Posted at 6:57 AM



The Weekend Wrap Up from the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office contained various instances of underage drinking throughout the county.

Five teenagers ranging in a age from 17 to 19 will be cited after the Rec. Deputy investigated possible trespassing on state land in the Town of Corning. Just after midnight Saturday morning the Rec. Deputy observed five vehicles parked on state land on Silver Fox Rd. All five teens cooperated and provided breath samples. The five went home with sober drivers or family members who were called to the scene.

The Rec. Deputy continues to investigate after finding the remnants of an underage drinking party in the Town of Harrison. A caller reported hearing loud music the evening before on Bruce Lake and when he went through the area in daylight found numerous beer cans and other items showing a large party was held. The Rec. Deputy was able to identify several suspects thanks to a time stamped receipt he found from an Antigo grocery store. All parties identified were from Antigo. Several of them returned and did extensive cleanup of the area. The Rec. Deputy will work with the Forestry Department to determine the consequences for those involved.

Seven people ranging in age from15 to 20, most from Merrill will be cited after Deputies broke up an underage drinking party on County Rd. FF early Sunday morning. Deputies were already in the area assisting Marathon County Deputies after a car full of underage drinkers crashed down the road. All youths under the age of eighteen were turned over to parents. A neighbor complaining of loud music brought Deputies to the Town of Corning home.



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