Wednesday 25 July 2012

New Leadership Structure at Ministry

Posted at 5:13 AM


For the past several years, leaders at Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center in Merrill and Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston have been working together by sharing staff and integrating programs and services between the two campuses and communities they serve.

That integration will take another step forward with a new integrated leadership model that will be put in place in the coming weeks.

Under the new leadership structure, current Ministry Good Samaritan President Kris McGarigle has accepted a new role as the Vice President of Patient Care Services and will be responsible for major aspects of patient care as a part of the senior leadership team at both facilities.

Likewise, current Ministry Saint Clare’s President Mary Krueger will serve as president of both facilities and lead an organizational wide effort to strengthen relationships between the two communities with other senior leaders taking on additional roles and responsibilities.

Ministry Health Care has successfully used an integrated leadership model in the Northwood’s at both Ministry Howard Young Health Care and Ministry Sacred Heart Saint Mary’s Hospital that has allowed leadership to serve multiple hospitals and communities.

“With the change in role for Kris McGarigle, this is an appropriate time to begin transition to an integrated leadership model for Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center and Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital,” said Ministry Regional Vice President Jeff Martin. “Ministry Good Samaritan is a vital facility in the network of care for Ministry Health Care and adopting this integrated model strengthens the relationship between the two organizations and brings additional benefits designed to reduce costs that help keep care more affordable for our patients.”

Martin adds that McGarigle will continue to reside in the Merrill community and maintain a consistent presence on the Merrill campus and in the community.

The new leadership structure is the latest in a series of moves by Ministry Health Care to globally share leadership and services to meet the needs of the entire system. Support functions like finance, information technology, materials management, human resources, marketing and communications, education and development are executed on a regional basis.

In recent years that practice has carried over to individual departments like facilities and environmental services, quality, case management and medical staff management with staff leading departments at both sites.

“This continued integration is an important step in ensuring the availability of high-quality health care services for Merrill and all of Lincoln County,” said Mike Ravn, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center. “The board is in full support of this leadership plan and its prospects to build upon already established collaboration between Ministry Good Samaritan and Ministry Saint Clare’s.”

A member of Ministry Health Care, Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center provides health care services to Merrill and the surrounding region and is sponsored by the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother. It is a 25-bed critical access hospital that offers a range of primary and specialty care services. The mission of Ministry Health Care is to further the healing ministry of Jesus by continually improving the health and well-being of all people, especially the poor.


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