Tuesday 24 July 2012

Head Start/Early Childhood Receives New Name

Posted at 5:26 AM

The Merrill Area Public Schools (MAPS) has announced that its Head Start/Early Childhood program will now be known as Pine River School for Young Learners.
The name change, approved by the MAPS School Board last Monday night, more accurately reflects the variety of learning opportunties offered by the program at its new facility at Pine River School. 
“We’re pleased to announce this name change, as it communicates the message that our school district engages, educates and empowers all young learners in our community,” said Bruce Anderson, Interim Superintendent of MAPS. “We know that effective early learning programs foster truly successful students and young adults.”
Starting this school year, the early learning programs will be housed in the former Pine River Elementary School Building, giving them a learning facility of their own. This includes the district’s four-year-old kindergarden (4K) program, which it launched in 2010.
Head Start/Early Childhood has been educating young children in their building on Sales Street for over thirty years.  Two years ago Merrill Area Public Schools launched the Four Year Old Kindergarten program (4K).  Head Start/Early Childhood became one of the 4K sites along with our community partners; Trinity, New Testament, St. Francis and Parkside.  “In the past, many parents and community members did not realize that our Head Start/Early Childhood program contained a 4K program,” said Anderson. “The new name and location of the school will make this a much more well-known resource in the Merrill area community.”
In addition, MAPS offers an Adult Academy and two Virtual Academies as part of its efforts to provide quality educational opportunities to all students. Pine River School is located at W 4165 State Highway 64 in Merrill.


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