Wednesday 27 June 2012

MAPS' Jefferson Receives DPI Grant

Posted at 8:14 AM


The Merrill Area Public Schools (MAPS) has successfully applied for and received a $100,000 grant from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for the implementation of an after-school program at Jefferson Elementary School.
The 21st Century Community Learning Center (CLC) grant covers programs and services that lead to improved academic achievement, youth development and greater family and community connections to schools. With the satisfactory completion of the goals set forth in the grant, the DPI may fund the program for up to five years, which would mean a total of $500,000 for the school.
“We are very excited to receive this terrific grant from the DPI, as it means that dozens of young people in our community will have access to a comprehensive and highly beneficial after-school program,” said Bruce Anderson, Interim Superintendent at MAPS. “These types of programs are very important for students, especially those whose parents work during after-school hours, or those who need a little extra help with their schoolwork. This is wonderful news for our district and Jefferson Elementary.”
The 21st Century CLC is a federal program designed to help schools and school districts create educational centers where students can receive focused attention on their learning. These centers aim to support a number of activities, including tutoring, mentoring, homework help, hands-on learning, community service and more. They also offer a safe place for students to go after school while their parents are still at work.
“This is a very important grant for our school district, and we are committed to ensuring that we receive it for the full five-year cycle,” said Anderson. “It is another great example of how the Merrill Area Public Schools is truly working to provide a world-class educational experience to all of its students.”


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