Monday 30 April 2012

Letter to the Editor from Lara Millis

Posted at 11:24 AM

Letter to the Editor

The closure of Pine River school was a hastily made decision that neglected to examine just what would happen to the students not only the Pine River students, but also the students displaced when they were dispersed into the remaining elementary schools, neighborhoods, and communities of Merrill.

Now, as more concrete numbers become available on just how much the conversion of the building to a Headstart/Pre-k facility will be... IN ADDITION to the loss of funds from frustrated parents who have open-enrolled their children elsewhere or have gone to parochial schools, people are beginning to scratch their heads and wonder if this was a good decision and worth the mayhem and fall-out its caused.

The redistricting was not done in any compassionate way-- It tore apart neighborhoods, destroyed established communities, and sent children living within sight of their schools on a bus across town. And why? Because an Early Childhood Building was no longer fit for headstart and 4k?

What I don't understand is, then why did MAPS turn around and plan for rental to a DAY CARE?? Also, why couldn't the Headstart/4k share Pine River with the existing elementary students?

And last-- if Loretta Baughan's idea of moving the 6th grade back to the elementary schools wasn't feasible because there was not room for the 167-or so middle school students at the already full elementary level, WHY IS THERE ROOM FOR 142-or so PINE RIVER STUDENTS?? None of this makes sense!

Please avoid further embarrassment, STOP and rethink it. And, for parents that have children who have been transferred from their neighborhoods and friends-- PLEASE ATTEND the APRIL 30th school board meeting-- that is this Monday-- at 4:45. There will be a listening session held first, followed by the regular meeting. You may speak for 3 minutes to let them know how you feel about Pine River closing, the shabby redistricting job, and the transfer of your children!!

If you don't want to speak, please still come to show your support!

Thank you- Lara Millis


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