Thursday 19 April 2012

Statewide Tornado Test Today

Posted at 9:51 AM


The statewide tornado drill scheduled for this afternoon is a go. The National Weather Service has determined that there is a minimal threat of actual severe weather this afternoon.

At 1pm, the National Weather Service will issue a mock Tornado Watch and at 1:45pm a statewide mock Tornado Warning. For the first time ever, Radio, TV and Cable stations across Wisconsin will participate in the drill. And for the first time, NOAA Weather Radios (also known as Emergency Weather Radios) will be tested during the drill. This is an ideal opportunity for schools, businesses and individuals to practice safe procedures for severe weather.

“Listen, act and live.” That’s the message from Tod Pritchard, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator with Wisconsin Emergency Management. “As we enter peak tornado season, listen for the warnings. Then, take action. Get to the safest shelter available. Don’t waste time going outside to look at the sky or seek other confirmations of danger. You are at risk. Take cover. You’ll have a greater chance of survival.”

When an actual warning is issued and threatening weather approaches:

  • In a home or building go to the basement and get under a desk, table or staircase.
  • If underground shelter is not available, move to an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor and get under a desk or table if possible.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Do not try to outrun a tornado in a car. Instead seek shelter in a sturdy structure.
  • Do not seek shelter under a highway overpass.
  • Mobile homes, even if tied down, offer little protection from tornadoes and should be abandoned. Seek shelter in a sturdy structure.

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