Monday 5 March 2012

Colby Firefigerter Dies

Posted at 7:22 AM


One fire-fighter was killed and four others were injured while battling a blaze that heavily damaged a 63-year-old movie theater in central Wisconsin.

Jamison Kampmeyer died and four other firefighters were injrued when the roof of the Abby Theatre collapsed.

Kampmeyer was also a Marathon County Sheriff's Deputy and had been on the department since 2004. He leaves behind three children, the youngest a 4-month-old.

The fire was reported around noon yesterday at the Abby Theatre in downtown Abbotsford, about 20 miles north of Marshfield. Fire Chief Jody Apfelbeck said three fire-fighters were trapped after a ceiling collapsed – and two others were hurt by falling bricks. The four injured firefighters were all treated and released from a Marshfield Hospital.

There was no immediate word on where or how the fire started. The U-S Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the state Fire Marshal are helping local officers investigate. The fire chief said the theatre’s owner checked the furnaces about an-hour-and-a-half before the blaze broke out, and there were no problems then. The four outside walls remained standing after the blaze, but Apfelbeck said the roof caved in. The rising smoke could be seen as far away as Colby, three miles to the south of Abbotsford. The blaze was well under control within three hours, but fire-fighters worked into last evening to handle small flare-ups. Almost three dozen personnel responded from four area fire departments.


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