Monday 5 March 2012

Plow Driver Threatened

Posted at 7:06 AM

Wednesday's snow storm not only dropped 16 inches of wet, heavy snow in Merrill, it also left residents frustrated with it's removal.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department reports that an Irma man was cited for disorderly conduct after confronting a county plow driver over plowing of a road in the Town of Birch. The plow driver told the Deputy the man threatened to shoot him, the fifty three year old man denied saying he would shoot the driver, just that someone would be shot if he came back through with the plow again.

The Merrill Police Department reported that on Wednesday morning an officer responded after a caller reported his neighbor was using a lawnmower with a snowblower attachment creating snow piles which he felt were harassing and threatening. The officer advised that the neighbor's actions were not threatening in nature.

Less than an hour later the MPD responded to a call of a neighbor yelling and swearing at a man in reference to snow removal. The neighbor was upset that a snowplow had struck her shrubbery while plowing the neighbor's driveway. The caller admitted he had used inappropiate language towards the neighbor which made the situation worse. Both were warned about their actions.

Tomahawk EMS had to be assisted to a call on Wednesday morning after their ambulance got stuck in the middle of County Rd O. Paramedics were responding to a call in the Town of Tomahawk when the ambulance became stuck in the roadway due to the large amount of snow. A Deputy with a four wheeled drive vehicle was sent to ferry the paramedics to the patient, but before the Deputy arrived a Lincoln County plow truck arrived and was able to plow out the roadway up to the address where the medical emergency was taking place.
Deputies with the assistance of State Troopers checked on nineteen vehicle slide off’s during the storm.
Only one crash with property damage was reported during the storm, no injuries were reported with any traffic incident.
One dozen disabled motorists were checked on during the storm. Many of those were vehicles stuck in the roadway, including a few semis who had to be towed out of heavy snow.


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