Tuesday 21 February 2012

Merrill Council Hears Ideas for New Fire Protection Facilities

Posted at 1:39 PM

Becher Hoppe Consulting gives
presentation to Merrill Council Members.

Tuesday night the Merrill Committee of a Whole met for a presentation by the consulting firm of Becher-Hoppe to released findings on a study for improving the Merrill Fire Department facilities. Representatives unveiled 3 separate plans for the city to consider.

Plan #1 calls for the remodeling of the existing Fire Department on 1st street. This project would almost double the size of the facility from 9 thousand square feet to almost 17 thousand square feet and has a projected cost of 3.7 million dollars. This includes the selling of the west side station and consolidating in one location.

Plan #2 calls for the complete demolition of the current east side historic fire station and building a new 21 thousand foot building on the site, while selling off the west side station. Plan 2 carries an estimated price tag of 4.9 million dollars.

Plan #3  is for a completely new building on a new, as of yet to be determined site.  Plan 3 also consolidates fire protection in one location while selling or re-allocating the current stations. plan 3 is estimated to cost taxpayers 7.3 million dollars.

Merrill Common council Members will now review these plans and continue to explore all options before any decision is made.


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