Thursday 16 February 2012

Walmart Plans Continue

Posted at 12:16 PM

On Wednesday WJMT and other area news media initially reported that the plan to build a Super Walmart in Merrill would be delayed. In fact the two are separate issues, independent of the other.

What is being delayed is a potential boundary agreement between the city of Merrill and the Town of Pine River. Mayor Bialecki brought a resolution to the council to authorize the city to participate in the preparation of a cooperative boundary plan on Tuesday night, but it was withdrawn from the agenda after a lengthy discussion during the committee of the whole meeting.

Today, Mayor Bialecki explained that the potential boundary agreement with the Town of Pine River has nothing to do with Walmart.

The mayor wanted to delay action on a boundary agreement until after the April elections, when there could be up to four new council members and a new city administrator.


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