Monday 30 January 2012


Posted at 5:52 AM


Scammers were once again placing calls to Lincoln County residents this past week.

On Tuesday a resident of the Town of Skanawan reported that she received two calls that her grandson was in a car crash and now was in jail and needed $3000. It turned out the grandson was in Rhinelander at work. On Thursday a Town of Corning woman took a call from a man who said he was an attorney in Austin Texas and he needed to verify her name and social security number as she owed money to a pay day loan store and they intended on suing her. When a Deputy called the “law firm” back he spoke to two different people neither of whom could provide any details on the alleged overdue loan. The Deputy warned the pair that they were attempting fraud and they should stop calling the Lincoln County resident. The scammers did use the name of a very large law firm in Texas as a front, they were also contacted and warned that their company name was being used in a scam.

And on Saturday a Town of Birch man reported a resident of South Carolina contacted his daughter who was selling a horse saddle on Craig’s List and offered to buy it for $300 along with an extra $100 for her troubles. On Friday Fed-EX delivered a package which originated in the state of Ohio which contained a check for $1900 for the saddle. The seller did not cash the check and alerted Fed-Ex and Craig’s List of the scam.


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