Monday 23 January 2012

Merrill Men Connected to Drug Investigation

Posted at 1:47 PM

WJMT News is currently investigating a possible Merrill connection to the drug related investigation currently being conducted in Langlade County.
Last Friday, Antigo Elementary Principal and head football coach John Lund was charged with multiple drug related offenses. Lund faces 8 charges in all, included maintaining a drug trafficking place, manufacture/deliver of THC, and possession with intent to deliver THC.
Two other men also face charges. Scot Peterson of Antigo faces 26 drug related charges and Bradley Maahs of Wittenberg, Lund’s brother-in-law, faces three charges as well.
In the criminal complaint against Lund, several individuals were named, including a few who work or reside in Merrill.
According to the criminal complaint, on December 7th, 2011, “Anthony Crabb said he picked up marijuana at Scot Peterson’s house” roughly every 6 months for the last 5-6 years.
Also named in the criminal complaint was Jay Peterson, Scot’s brother. Langlade County Sheriff William Greening confirmed to WJMT News that Jay Peterson is a current employee of the Merrill School District. In his statement to authorities, Jay Peterson admitted that he picked up the “dope” from Scot “once or twice” and added that he would get the drugs during deer hunting. He also said he knew other people from Merrill were picking up marijuana at Scot’s house. Jay Peterson also admitted to obtaining and consuming marijuana “at Scot’s house around the time of the tornado.”
According to court documents, on December 13th, 2011, Peter Miller said that “as recently as October 11th, 2011, he bought marijuana from Scot Peterson,” adding that it started about 15 years ago. Miller said that he would buy a quarter ounce of marijuana every few months and that he smoked it “to get high.” He said “that if he was golfing at Bass Lake, he was smoking marijuana as a rule of thumb” as it was normal for all of the men in the foursome to share marijuana. Miller also admitted to “frequently using marijuana with Tony Crabb, Paul Fermanich and Jay Peterson at Scot Peterson’s residence.” Miller said Crabb had given him marijuana “at Crabb’s house in Merrill.”
Tonight’s agenda for the Merrill Area Public Schools includes a closed session discussion of several issues, including the “status of a multiple-county investigation involving staff.” Tonight’s meeting of the MAPS board of education is scheduled to begin at 5:30 in the board room of the MAPS Central Administration Building, and is expected to last several hours.
Earlier today in Langlade County Court, Lund was freed on a $5,000 signature bond. Scot Peterson waived his right to a preliminary hearing today, and the judged ordered $10,000 signature bond. His status hearing is scheduled for February 6th. Bradley Maahs was given a $5,000 signature bond and must find an attorney by February 6th.
Meanwhile, four more Antigo School District employees have been placed on paid administrative leave. The four are John Adams, a special education teacher at the high school; Mark Incha, a learning disabilities teacher at the high school; elementary gym teacher Dan Witman, and Jeff Neufeld, director of the district’s pool.
Lund has also been on paid administrative leave for several weeks, but the Antigo District will likely review his leave status this week.
At this point in the investigation there is nothing to indicate that any students are involved or that any of the drug transactions took place on school grounds. The investigation will continue and further charges are possible.
We’ll have an update on the Merrill connections to this story tomorrow morning on our WJMT News.


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