Friday 13 January 2012

Merrill Water Trouble

Posted at 6:56 AM

Merrill Water Trouble

The Merrill Water utility received reports on Thursday of discoloration of water in various parts of the city.

 Washington School was one of the effected locations and school officials brought in bottled water for students and staff. Officials at the water department indicated this was naturally occurring iron and Manganese that was stirred up by regularly scheduled hydrant flushing that was conducted on Tuesday of this week. Water crews flushed more hydrants on Thursday to in an attempt to remedy this problem.

WJMT news talked with mayor Bialecki and he indicated the contracts for the 2 million dollar water system upgrade and Manganese abatement had arrived at city hall this week and work is set to begin this spring. Officials indicated any discoloration in the water supply is not harmful.



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