Thursday 26 December 2013

Puppy Update

Posted at 5:16 AM

No charges will be filed against the former tenants of a Lincoln County home found to have 56 dogs and puppies. Officials said this week the tenants turned the pets over to the county Humane Society, after they were evicted from a house near Gleason where they first moved in last month. Sheriff's Lieutenant Tim Fisher said the occupants were told they could not have so many dogs without a kennel license -- and they were going to get a license for 2014 before the eviction came.

Reports Sunday indicated that the house was condemned. Not true, according to owners Andy and Tara Hodgkins. They said the heat wasn't being used, despite the sub-zero temperatures and wind-chills in the region for a good share of December. New reports said Lincoln County health officials never condemned the house.

Lieutenant Fisher said there is no criminal case against the tenants, because there was no neglect -- and that the animals were fed-and-watered. The Humane Society says it's taking steps to let people adopt the dogs, some 300 people have come forward to fill out adoption applications. In the meantime, Humane Society officials say there's been incredible support, as they try to accommodate the pets in a place that's only designed to hold one-fifth as many.


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