Wednesday 13 November 2013

New City Budget Zero Percent Increase for Merrill

Posted at 10:37 AM

New City Budget Zero Percent Increase for Merrill

The City of Merrill has a new budget, and there is a zero percent tax increase. The Merrill Common Council approved the Cities operating budget to be $4,877,448 dollars with a total tax liability of $13, 932,212 dollars after all of the outstanding debt is counted. The vote was 6-2 to pass this budget and use some of the general fund to keep away any tax increase.

There were some objections to using the City’s general fund to keep taxes at a zero percent this year because the City may have to pay higher interest rates when borrowing money in the future.

During the Committee of a Whole, it was decided to start work on next year’s City budget in the early part of January.

Also during the Tuesday night Common Council meeting an agreement between the City of Merrill and the City of Tomahawk was approved an ordinance to establish a joint municipal court.


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