Wednesday 30 October 2013

MPD Receives Funds for K9

Posted at 6:07 AM

MPD Receives Funds for K9

The Merrill Police Department is excited to announce that it has received a grant from the Bierman Family Foundation enabling the agency to implement its very first canine unit.  With the receipt of this substantial donation, the Merrill Police Department can now begin the process of developing and deploying a canine unit in the City of Merrill.

The Bierman Family Foundation recognizes the value of a canine to the community and to the Merrill Police Department.  The canine will provide another valuable tool to law enforcement in the City of Merrill to keep our community safe and maintain a quality of life expected by our citizens.

The Merrill Police Department is extremely appreciative of the generosity of the Bierman family. Even though the funds granted by the Bierman Foundation are substantial, the Merrill Police canine unit will require continued community support in order to sustain itself for the future.  With additional community support, the Merrill Police canine can exist and function without using taxpayer dollars or additional staff.

During a Community Scan interview with WJMT on Monday, Chief Neff stated that he hopes to have the four-legged officer on duty by the summer of 2014. The Police Department is currently in the process of selecting one of their officers to become the dogs handler. Once selected, the two will undergo training. One vehicle in the Police Department fleet will also be modified to support a K9.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Merrill Police Department canine unit can contact the Police Department for more information.

Questions or comments can be directed to:

Ken Neff, Chief of Police

1004 E. First Street

Merrill, WI  54452

715-536-8311 fax: 715-536-5930


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