Wednesday 13 November 2013

Merrill Ranks Top 5 In Housing Affordability

Posted at 10:33 AM

Merrill Ranks Top 5 In Housing Affordability

Whitefish Bay is the most expensive place to buy a house in Wisconsin, and Ashland is the most economical.  

That's according to an affordability survey by the real estate firm of Coldwell Banker.  It compared average prices in 19-hundred U-S markets for a standard four-bedroom house with two baths.  The Milwaukee suburb of Whitefish Bay had Wisconsin's highest average cost for such a house, at just over 464-thousand dollars.  Ashland had the most affordable price for the same type of home, at almost 105-thousand.  The Milwaukee suburb of Mequon had the state's second most-expensive price of 380-thousand.  Hudson, near Minnesota's Twin Cities, was next at 379-thousand.  Hayward and Eagle River rounded out the Top-Five. 

Richland Center had the second most economical price behind Ashland at 134-thousand.  Wisconsin Rapids had the third-lowest average, followed by Rhinelander and Merrill. 

The national average is just over 301-thousand for the typical four-bedroom, two-bath house.  Malibu, near Los Angeles, had the most expensive average in Coldwell Banker's survey, at almost two-point-two million dollars.  Cleveland Ohio had the cheapest average, almost 64-thousand. 


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