Sunday 22 December 2013

Lincoln County Humane Society Recues Puppies.

Posted at 8:01 PM

The Lincoln County Humane society went into crisis mode this past weekend, recuing some 55 dogs from what some are calling a puppy mill on Highway J near Gleason. The couple that was housing the dogs had planned to sell them.

The couple called the Lincoln County Humane Society for help because their house was condemned by the health department because of the filth and there was no heat. The original request was for the humane Society to take 20 dogs. After visiting the house; Staff and Volunteers discovered the situation was much worse and the owners were very uncooperative. Staff members eventually convinced the people to surrender all the animals and some 12-hours later, the Lincoln County Humane Society was housing over 55 dogs. Staff members put the animals everywhere, including the cat cages. As word of this canine crisis spread, a shelter volunteer started asking for donations, by the end of the day on Sunday, animal lovers had pledged over 10 thousand dollars along with a thousand dollars in supplies.

All of the surrendered animals are in good shape and the shelter has already received applications for adoption. The Lincoln County Humane Society can still use the help, Volunteers are need to help look after the dogs and donations are always accepted. The couple of the condemned property have not been charged with any crime.


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