Friday 3 January 2014

Dangerous Cold Weather

Posted at 5:11 AM

With the National Weather Service predicting dangerously cold wind chills across Lincoln County, Lincoln County Health Department and Lincoln County Emergency Management are issuing a special health advisory to prevent cold-related illness and death.

If outdoor activity is essential, everyone must be especially careful and mindful of the risks posed by severe cold. “With low temperatures and even moderate wind, common outdoor activities can quickly become life threatening, even for those appropriately dressed for the outdoors,” said Tammi Boers, Health Educator, Lincoln County Health Department.  “Exposed flesh such as the nose and ears can freeze within 30 seconds at minus-30 degrees wind chill," Life-threatening hypothermia can develop rapidly, especially if a person is wet or damp. Shivering is the first sign of hypothermia.

As hypothermia progresses, lack of coordination, slurred speech, confusion and drowsiness can occur. If shivering begins the individual should immediately move indoors.  “Half of all cold related injuries and deaths occur among healthy, adequately clothed individuals involved in outdoors sports.  Especially hazardous are open areas such as lakes and fields, where winds can build rapidly,” added Jeff Kraft, Lincoln County Emergency Management.


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